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Join your host, Nyles Gentz, for a special webinar as we discuss important topics for those in or nearing retirement. With the changing tax rules and the current financial landscape, it's important to understand the potential impact of taxes, how to navigate market volatility and strategies to optimize your income in retirement. You won't want to miss this virtual event!

Click Here for the Gentz Financial Webinar

On this webinar, you’ll learn:

The recent SECURE Act changes, which marked some of the biggest changes to retirement plans in decades, and how it could impact how you plan for your retirement.

How recent events, like the global markets reacting to the corona-virus outbreak and the uncertainty around the election year, could factor into your retirement plans.

Planning for longevity, inflation and future tax increases to ensure you won't OUTLIVE your money in retirement.

Strategies to help plan for the next market downturn and protect your assets from market volatility.

Powerful tax strategies that can help you reduce the taxes you pay in retirement and potentially generate tax-free retirement income.

How to incorporate Social Security into your income plan while minimizing tax consequences and maximizing your benefits.

How to harvest your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) & other assets to create reliable streams of retirement income.

How to create a customized retirement income & tax strategy tailored to your unique needs & situation.

Understanding potential risks that may derail your retirement and how you can avoid them.

Click Here for the Gentz Financial Webinar

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What age is the right one for me to retire?

Will I have enough income?

What about Social Security?

Get these answers and more by reading your complimentary copy of Sowing the Seeds of Retirement, by our very own, Nyles R. Gentz! 

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For almost 40 years, Nyles R. Gentz has helped individuals at or near retirement establish comprehensive plans to help them achieve their retirement income goals. His book will help you understand the options available to preserve your retirement savings in order to strategize for a satisfying and comfortable harvest.

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