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Get Your Complimentary Retirement Readiness Assessment

Get Your Complimentary Retirement Readiness Assessment

A simple, 3-step process showing how you can improve retirement success, lower your tax bill and determine when you'll be ready for retirement.

  • Social Security Timing & Claiming Strategies
  • Tax Strategy & Investment Risk Analysis
  • Retirement Income Gap Recommendations

We specialize in helping Minnesotans over age 50 plan for a successful retirement to ensure they won't run out of money or pay too much in taxes.

We do our best work with:

Age 50+

Retirement investors over age 50 who are already retired or want to make "work optional" in the next 5-10 years.


Diligent savers who have accumulated investments of $250,000 or more and want to reduce their tax burden. (Excluding real estate.)


Those who value working with a team of experienced professionals because they know their retirement is too important to go it alone.

Your Complimentary Retirement Readiness Assessment

A simple 3-step process that will show you how to improve your retirement success & reduce your potential tax burden.

Step 1  Schedule 15-Minute Call

A quick 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure our areas of expertise match up with your retirement needs, goals and concerns.

After all, you wouldn’t see an Orthopedist if you needed heart surgery!

Step 2  Meet With The Team

Like any doctor, it’s important to diagnose the situation before we prescribe any remedies.

The next step is a visit with our team at either our home office or virtually via Zoom. During this 1 hour meeting, our team will get crystal clear on your retirement goals, needs, and concerns so we can develop your personalized Retirement Retirement Readiness Assessment.

Step 3  Review Assessment

With your Retirement Readiness Assessment complete, we will have another 1-hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations.

In plain English, we will explain exactly what you can do to help improve your retirement income plan, potentially lower your lifetime taxes, and optimize your Social Security benefits.

Think About It!

After we meet, we simply ask you to think about what we discussed! We're looking for long-term relationships with our clients and we need to be a good match.

Get Started On Your Path To A Successful Retirement

Click the button below to find and call the office location nearest to you to schedule your 15-minute introductory call and request your personalized Retirement Readiness Report.

The purpose of this call is to answer your questions and ensure our areas of expertise match up with your retirement needs, goals and concerns.

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Not Quite Ready To Get Started?

Not Quite Ready To Get Started?

That's OK! Request your free copy of Nyles Gentz's book, Sowing the Seeds of Retirement, to learn more about what we do and why we're so passionate about it!

Whenever you're ready to start planning your dream retirement, we'll be here for you!

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